Black Hat-WebTech USA Conference 2023-A Confluence of Cybersecurity Gurus and Reformed Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat - WebTech USA Conference 2023 - A Confluence of Cybersecurity Gurus and Reformed Black Hat Hackers

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(Las Vegas, Nevada, August 1, 2023)

The Cybersecurity Event of the Year: A Deep Dive into the Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023 and the Top 10 Black Hat Hackers Shaping its Discourse

As we usher in the first week of August, all eyes are on the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, where the annual Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023 is about to commence. This leading cybersecurity event, scheduled to start on August 5th and conclude on August 10th, promises to bring together some of the brightest minds in the field of cybersecurity. The question on everyone’s lips is, “What will the conference reveal about the evolving landscape of digital security?”

As the world becomes more digitally intertwined, the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow. This annual event, organized by Black Hat and WebTech USA, focuses on showcasing the latest advancements in cybersecurity, providing insight into potential threats and presenting a platform for meaningful discussions on cyber defense strategies.

What is the Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023?

The Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference is a globally recognized gathering that focuses on the field of cybersecurity. The event combines insightful technical sessions, hands-on training, keynote speeches from industry leaders, and a vendor exhibition, allowing attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, threats, and solutions in cybersecurity. The Black Hat Exhibit forms a significant part of this conference, featuring a wide array of security solutions and technological advancements designed to combat cyber threats.

When is the Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023?

The conference is scheduled to take place from August 5th to August 10th, 2023, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Show Information: 

Date: August 5-10, 2023

Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas



Who needs to attend the Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023?

The event is tailored for a broad spectrum of professionals who have a stake in the realm of digital security. These include but are not limited to: security researchers, IT professionals, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, educators, and students interested in cybersecurity. With its impressive lineup of talks, workshops, and training sessions, this conference is a must-attend for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of the complex and ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

In an exciting development, this year’s conference will also feature some of the most notorious Black Hat hackers who have now turned into security consultants. Their unique insights into the world of hacking promise to be intriguing and enlightening for all attendees. Stay tuned for our upcoming article detailing the top 10 Black Hat hackers joining the conference and a brief background on each.

This August, Las Vegas isn’t just about entertainment; it’s also the cybersecurity capital of the world. The Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023 is set to be a vital event for anyone interested in understanding the threats the digital world faces and how to protect against them.

So, mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in a world where digital security takes center stage. We’re on the cusp of a new horizon in cybersecurity, and the Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023 is where you’ll catch the first glimpse.

Top 10 Black Hat Hackers Turned Cybersecurity Gurus Gracing the Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023

The Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023 is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting events on this year’s cybersecurity calendar, and it’s not just because of the cutting-edge tech or the stellar line-up of speakers. In an unprecedented move, the conference is set to feature ten former Black Hat hackers, who have since turned a new leaf and are now respected figures in the cybersecurity industry. Let’s take a look at who these individuals are and what they bring to the table.

Kevin Mitnick

Once listed as one of the FBI’s Most Wanted because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge, Kevin Mitnick is now a trusted security consultant to Fortune 500 and governments worldwide. He will share his deep understanding of social engineering and its role in successful cybersecurity.

Adrian Lamo

Known as the “homeless hacker” for his transient lifestyle, Adrian Lamo turned heads when he broke into several high-profile networks, including Microsoft and Yahoo!. Now, Lamo is renowned for his work as a threat analyst and will provide insights into recognizing and preventing potential cyber attacks.

Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez orchestrated one of the largest credit card thefts in history, impacting nearly 170 million cards. Since his conviction, Gonzalez has turned his life around and now helps companies understand and address vulnerabilities in their networks.

Robert Tappan Morris

Morris created the first worm to spread across the internet, resulting in the first conviction under the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. He is now a respected professor at MIT and will discuss the dangers and ethics of worm creation and deployment.

Kevin Poulsen

Once pursued by the FBI for hacking into federal systems, Kevin Poulsen has since become a leading voice in digital security. His expertise in ethical hacking and journalism has seen him uncover numerous security flaws and misappropriations.

George Hotz

Known for being the first person to ‘jailbreak’ an iPhone, George Hotz has since used his skills for good, founding a self-driving car AI startup. His talk promises to explore the balance between innovation and security.


Once a pseudonymous hacker who dealt severe blows to the defense sector, Astra has since become a valued cybersecurity consultant. His deep knowledge of system vulnerabilities and ways to exploit them will enlighten attendees on how to bulletproof their systems.

Gary McKinnon

Accused of the “biggest military computer hack of all time,” Gary McKinnon is now an advocate for fair information access and cybersecurity. His unique understanding of government system vulnerabilities will be invaluable to conference attendees.

Jan Krissler

Known as “Starbug” in the hacker world, Jan Krissler is famous for bypassing biometric security systems. Now a prominent voice in digital rights and security, Krissler’s insights into biometric vulnerabilities will be a highlight of the conference.


Real name Marcel Lazăr Lehel, Guccifer famously hacked high-profile political figures. He now advises on cybersecurity policy and practices, bringing an essential perspective to the public-private sector cyber conversation.

With their unique experiences and perspectives, these former Black Hat hackers bring an invaluable perspective to the Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023. As we navigate an increasingly digital world, understanding the mind of a hacker is essential for robust cybersecurity. The insights and expertise offered by these reformed hackers will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of this year’s conference.


Sustaining Partners Elevate Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023

A Spotlight on the Industry Titans Spearheading Cybersecurity Innovation

The Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023, the paramount cybersecurity event of the year, owes its success not only to its insightful participants and top-notch content, but also to its esteemed sustaining partners. These titans of industry support the event and its mission, contributing invaluable expertise and innovation to the field of cybersecurity.


Akamai is the backbone of the digital world, providing a distributed compute platform that powers billions of digital experiences daily. They turn cybersecurity into a growth engine, offering unmatched protection for applications from core to edge.


Armis is the unified asset intelligence platform of choice for Fortune 100 companies. They address the emerging threat landscape of connected devices, providing real-time and continuous protection across IT, cloud, IoT devices, IoMT, OT, ICS, and 5G.


Axonius boosts customer confidence in cybersecurity by mitigating threats, navigating risk, automating responses, and informing business strategy. Their comprehensive solutions manage cyber asset attack surfaces and SaaS, providing a complete asset inventory, uncovering gaps, and automating policy enforcement.



Cisco reimagines possibilities by securing data, transforming infrastructure, and empowering global teams for an inclusive future.



Claroty secures cyber-physical systems across industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments, integrating with existing infrastructure for comprehensive controls.



CrowdStrike redefines security for the cloud era, offering an endpoint and workload protection platform designed to stop breaches. Their cloud-native Falcon platform ensures better protection, performance, and immediate time-to-value.



IBM leads business transformation through an open hybrid cloud platform and AI, boasting 28 consecutive years of patent leadership. Above all, IBM stands committed to being a responsible technology innovator and a force for good.



Kandji is the go-to Apple device management and security platform, empowering secure and productive global work through advanced automation.



KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform, helping organizations manage social engineering threats through comprehensive awareness training.



Lacework, the data-driven security platform for the cloud, narrows down security events that matter, automating cloud security at scale for organizations worldwide.



ManageEngine crafts the industry’s broadest suite of IT management software, managing all IT operations from networks and servers to applications, service desks, Active Directory, security, desktops, and mobile devices.



Microsoft Security offers comprehensive protection to achieve more, defending organizations against the evolving threat landscape in multicloud and multi-platform environments.


Mimecast delivers relentless protection to tens of thousands of customers globally, tackling their biggest security challenges together. They continuously invest in integrated capabilities like brand protection, security awareness training, web security, and compliance.



Pentera leads the Automated Security Validation category, enabling organizations to test the integrity of their cybersecurity layers and their ransomware readiness.



ServiceNow makes the world work better for everyone with its cloud-based platform and solutions, enabling organizations to find smarter, faster, better ways to work.



Snyk is a developer-first security company that helps businesses develop fast and secure cloud native applications. Industry leaders trust Snyk to secure their digital innovations.



Sysdig reduces vulnerabilities by up to 95% with its cloud threat detection and vulnerability management platform. Powered by runtime insights, Sysdig stops threats instantly.



VMware Carbon Black is a leader in endpoint and workload protection, inspecting each endpoint, network connection, and process across environments. They serve a quarter of the Fortune 100 and power products globally for top IR, channel, and OEM partners.



Wiz helps organizations rapidly remove critical risks in their cloud environments, offering a view of the attacker’s perspective to proactively prevent breaches.



XM Cyber changes the way organizations approach cyber risk. They transform exposure management by showing how attackers leverage misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and identity exposures to compromise critical assets across cloud and on-prem environments.


The Black Hat / WebTech USA Conference 2023 is poised to be a trailblazing event, thanks to the significant contributions of these sustaining partners. The future of cybersecurity looks bright, with industry leaders committed to driving innovation and making the digital world a safer place.


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