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WOMM is a powerful marketing tool because it is based on trust. When someone we know and trust recommends a product or service, we are more likely to try it out for ourselves. This is especially true if the person making the recommendation is someone whose opinion we value, such as a close friend or family member.

Furthermore, WOMM can be an effective way to reach new potential customers. For example, if someone hears about a new restaurant from a friend, they are more likely to try it out than if they saw an advertisement for it. In other words, WOMM can help you attract new customers while also solidifying your relationships with existing ones.

While WOMM can be an effective marketing strategy, it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for traditional marketing efforts. Instead, WOMM should be used in conjunction with other marketing tactics, such as online advertising and public relations. By using a mix of different marketing strategies, you can maximize your chances of reaching your target audience and achieving your desired results.

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