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Vercini’s Premier Italian Suits in Las Vegas

Video Production & Repost Breakdown:

CriteriaPosts per LocationTotal Posts (For 7 Locations)
Videos Produced Daily642
Videos Produced Weekly42294
Videos Produced Monthly1801,260
Employee Reposts Daily1284
Employee Reposts Weekly84588
Employee Reposts Monthly3602,520
Combined Posts Daily18126
Combined Posts Weekly126882
Combined Posts Monthly5403,780

Objective: Enhance Vercini’s digital presence via engaging 3-5 minute videos showcasing the brand’s products and style.

Content Highlights:

  • Merchandise showcase
  • Styling advice
  • Customer testimonials

Video Distribution:

  • Vercini official channels
  • Employee social media reposts

Objective: To enhance Vercini’s brand presence across digital platforms through engaging video content, encapsulating the brand’s vision and showcasing its exclusive offerings.

Proposal Overview:

  1. Video Duration: Each video will span between 3 to 5 minutes, ensuring it’s both comprehensive and engaging for our target audience.

  2. Content Breakdown:

    • Showcasing Merchandise: High-resolution shots of apparel, zooming in on intricate details, material quality, and unique design features.
    • Style Tips: A brief segment in each video offering styling advice associated with the showcased merchandise.
    • Behind the Scenes: Offering a glimpse into the making of Vercini’s exclusive products, enhancing brand transparency.
    • Customer Testimonials: Real feedback from our loyal customer base, sharing their Vercini experiences.
  3. Frequency:

    • Daily: 6 videos per location
    • Weekly: 42 videos per location
    • Monthly: 180 videos per location
  4. Distribution:

    • Primary Platform: Vercini’s official website and YouTube channel.
    • Secondary Platforms: Shared across all social media handles.
    • Employees as Brand Ambassadors: Every video will be reposted by our 14 employees across their personal social channels, amplifying reach.


  1. Brand Visibility: Continuous video content increases brand recall and strengthens Vercini’s market position.
  2. Engagement: The 3-5 minute duration ensures we hold viewer attention, driving more meaningful engagement.
  3. Trust Building: Behind-the-scenes footage and customer testimonials will foster trust among potential customers.
  4. Employee Involvement: Leveraging employee networks broadens reach and adds a personal touch to brand promotion.

Budget and Timeline: Upon approval, a detailed budget and production timeline will be provided, ensuring the highest quality production that aligns with Vercini’s esteemed reputation.

We are confident that this video-centric approach will elevate Vercini’s digital presence, forging stronger connections with our existing customer base while captivating new audiences. We eagerly await your feedback and approval to embark on this exciting journey.

  1. Vegas Elegance: Vercini’s Guide to Sin City Style.
  2. Strut The Strip: Vercini’s Premier Italian Suits in Las Vegas.
  3. Nightlife Luxe: Dress to Impress with Vercini Men’s Wear.
  4. Convention Chic: Vercini’s Perfect Attire for Vegas Exhibitors.
  5. Desert Dapper: Vercini’s Italian-Style Suits for the Vegas Gentleman.
  6. Elevate Every Evening: Las Vegas Nights with Vercini Shoes.
  7. Vegas’s Best in Men’s Elegance: The Vercini Experience.
  8. Suit Up for Success: Vercini’s Guide to Vegas Business Wear.
  9. From Casinos to Cocktails: Vercini’s All-Occasion Vegas Looks.
  10. Italian Grandeur in Las Vegas: Vercini’s Tailored Men’s Collections.
  11. Vegas VIPs Choose Vercini: Why It’s the City’s Top Men’s Brand.
  12. Set the Gold Standard: Vercini Ties Perfect for Vegas Events.
  13. Rolling in Style: Vercini’s Elite Footwear for Las Vegas Nights.
  14. Conquer the Convention: Vercini’s Best Attire for Vegas Professionals.
  15. Majestic Menswear: Vercini’s Legacy in Las Vegas Fashion.
  16. All-In on Elegance: Vercini’s Ultimate Guide to Vegas Dress Codes.
  17. Beyond the Neon: Discover Vercini’s Timeless Vegas Styles.
  18. Aces High: Vercini’s Italian Craftsmanship Meets Vegas Luxury.
  19. Vegas Showstopper: Vercini Suits that Steal the Spotlight.
  20. Redefine Vegas Nights: Vercini’s Signature Men’s Collections.
  21. Italian Excellence in the Heart of Vegas: Vercini’s Men’s Wear Mastery.
  22. From the Vegas Boardroom to the Ballroom: Vercini Suits Every Occasion.
  23. Crafting Elegance: Why Vercini is Vegas’s Top Choice for Men’s Shoes.
  24. Dressed for the Desert: Vercini’s Elite Vegas Summer Collections.
  25. Bellissimo in Vegas: Vercini’s Italian Elegance for Every Man.
  26. The Ultimate Vegas Statement: Walk with Vercini.
  27. Business by Day, Party by Night: Vercini’s Versatile Vegas Styles.
  28. Sin City Sophistication: Dive into Vercini’s Men’s Wear Collections.
  29. Suits, Shoes, & the Strip: Vercini’s Ultimate Las Vegas Lookbook.
  30. Mastering the Vegas Look: Timeless Elegance with Vercini.
  1. Vegas Glam: Top Women’s Shoe Trends for a Night on The Strip.
  2. Elevate Your Casino Elegance: Best Heels for the Vegas Diva.
  3. Sin City Soiree: Casual Footwear for the Daytime Vegas Adventuress.
  4. From Slots to Sky Lounges: Versatile Women’s Shoes for Vegas.
  5. Luxe and Lustrous: The Ultimate Vegas Nightclub Heel Guide.
  6. Stilettos & The Strip: Best Heels for Club-Hopping in Vegas.
  7. All-In on Elegance: Must-Have Women’s Footwear for Vegas Galas.
  8. Golden Hour to Neon Glow: Women’s Shoes Perfect for Vegas Vibes.
  9. Vegas VIP Vixens: Designer Shoe Brands to Flaunt in the Desert.
  10. Redefine Glamour: Women’s Shoe Game for Vegas Evenings.
  11. Boots & The Boulevard: Women’s Boots that Shine on The Strip.
  12. Cabana to Cocktail Lounge: Shoes for Every Vegas Moment.
  13. Walking The Strip in Style: Where Comfort Meets Class in Women’s Vegas Footwear.
  14. High Heels, Higher Stakes: The Rise of Statement Shoes for Women in Vegas.
  15. Step into the Limelight: Shoes to Pair with Vegas’s Sparkle.
  16. Nightclub Queens: The Ultimate Women’s Shoes for Vegas Dancefloors.
  17. Vegas Dress Codes Decoded: Women’s Footwear Guide for the Elite Spots.
  18. Shimmer & Shine: Shoe Care Tips for the Vegas Fashionista.
  19. Laced in Luxury: Women’s Shoe Styles Tailored for Vegas’s Top Venues.
  20. Desert Chic to Neon Sleek: The Best Shoes for Las Vegas’s Dual Charm.
  21. Roulette & Rhinestones: Matching Your Heels to Vegas Casino Vibes.
  22. Vegas Vogue: Bold Shoe Choices for the Fashion-Forward.
  23. The Diva’s Decadence: Classic Shoes for the Timeless Vegas Lady.
  24. Revive the Retro: Vintage Shoe Styles for the Vegas Renaissance.
  25. Dip into Decadence: Footwear for Vegas’s Lavish Affairs.
  26. Vegas Showgirl Essentials: Shoes that Deserve Their Own Spotlight.
  27. Beyond the Champagne Room: Exclusive Footwear for Vegas’s VIP Lounges.
  28. Stride the Vegas Scene: Women’s Footwear that Captivates.
  29. Ace the Aesthetic: Top Shoe Combos for Dazzling Vegas Nights.
  30. The Vegas Red Carpet: Iconic Women’s Shoe Styles Perfect for The Boulevard.
  1. Vegas Vixen: Sizzling Summer Styles for the Sin City Diva.
  2. Desert Diva: Breezy Women’s Looks for Las Vegas Summers.
  3. Poolside to Penthouse: Essential Summer Outfits for Vegas Glamour.
  4. Strutting The Strip: Women’s Top Summer Trends in Vegas.
  5. Neon Nights & Sunlit Days: Las Vegas Women’s Summer Guide.
  6. Bellagio Beachwear: Making Waves with Vegas Summer Styles.
  7. Golden Goddess: Summer Trends Inspired by Vegas Glitz.
  8. From Dayclubs to Nightclubs: The Ultimate Las Vegas Summer Outfit Guide.
  9. Vegas Valley Vibe: Women’s Styles to Beat the Desert Heat.
  10. Sin City Sunsets: Embracing Vegas in Every Summer Outfit.
  11. Luxury in Every Layer: Las Vegas Summer Fashion for Women.
  12. Mojave Mirage: Dreamy Women’s Summer Styles in Vegas.
  13. The Casino Catwalk: Las Vegas Summer Fashion Statements.
  14. Red Rock Radiance: Vibrant Summer Trends for the Vegas Woman.
  15. Freemont Fresh: Women’s Summer Styles to Light Up Vegas Nights.
  16. Elevate Your Encore: Sizzling Las Vegas Outfits for Every Summer Event.
  17. Cocktails and Couture: Las Vegas Summer Style Guide for Women.
  18. Desert Dazzle: Turning Up the Heat with Vegas Summer Fashion.
  19. Mandalay to Mirage: Navigating Vegas with Perfect Summer Looks.
  20. Sahara Chic: Embracing Desert Beauty with Vegas Summer Outfits.
  21. High Rollers & High Heels: Vegas-Inspired Summer Trends.
  22. Treasures of The Strip: Must-Have Women’s Summer Outfits in Vegas.
  23. Vegas Oasis: Keeping Cool with Stylish Summer Ensembles.
  24. Hot Nights, Cool Styles: Mastering Summer Fashion in Vegas.
  25. Vegas Heatwave: Summer Fashion Tips for the Modern Woman.
  26. Sequins & Sun: Sparkling Summer Styles for Las Vegas.
  27. Desert Blooms: Floral Summer Trends Inspired by Vegas.
  28. Vegas Velvet Nights: Luxe Summer Looks for Women.
  29. Wynn-Worthy Wardrobe: Top Summer Styles for the Vegas Enthusiast.
  30. Palazzo to Pool Party: The Ultimate Women’s Summer Style in Las Vegas.
  1. Dressing the Vegas Tycoon: Business Suits for the Win!
  2. Business by Day, Vegas by Night: Suits that Transition in Style.
  3. The Boardroom Meets The Strip: Best Business Suits in Vegas.
  4. Vegas Elite: Business Suits for the Modern Mogul.
  5. Casino Kings: Suiting Up in Style with Las Vegas Business Attire.
  6. Rolling the Dice in Style: The Perfect Business Suit for Vegas Ventures.
  7. High Stakes, High Fashion: Business Suits for the Bold.
  8. Sin City CEOs: Elevate Your Look with Premium Business Suits.
  9. From Business Meetings to Bellagio Nights: Suit Up in Style.
  10. Deal or No Deal: The Power of a Perfect Business Suit in Vegas.
  11. Vegas Valiant: Making Business Moves in Tailored Suits.
  12. Skyline Suits: Dressing for Success in the Heart of Vegas.
  13. Neon Nights and Business Insights: Perfect Suits for Las Vegas Hustle.
  14. Where Business Meets Pleasure: The Essential Vegas Suit Guide.
  15. Redefining Power Dressing in the City of Lights.
  16. The Rat Pack Redux: Classic Business Suits for the Modern Man.
  17. City of Dreams: Crafting Business Deals in Dapper Suits.
  18. Luxury Lined Lapels: The Businessman’s Guide to Vegas Suiting.
  19. Gold Standard: Elevate Your Business Look in Las Vegas.
  20. Desert Dreams and Business Themes: Suiting Up Right in Vegas.
  21. Champion of the Casino: Business Suits that Steal the Spotlight.
  22. Sands to Skyline: Business Suit Trends in the Vegas Valley.
  23. Moguls of the Mirage: Curating the Perfect Business Wardrobe.
  24. Freemont to Fortune: The Evolution of Vegas Business Fashion.
  25. Caesar’s Charm: The Classic Business Suit for the Modern Gladiator.
  26. Where Threads Meet Thrills: Crafting Deals in Vegas’s Best Suits.
  27. Treasures of the Treasure Island: Business Suits for Every Tycoon.
  28. Mandalay Meetings: Power Dressing for the Vegas Elite.
  29. Venetian Ventures: Business Suits That Make Waves in Vegas.
  30. Wynn and Wear: The Unwritten Rules of Vegas Business Fashion.
  1. Omnia Opulence: Rocking Vercini’s Italian-Styled Blazers in Sin City.
  2. XS Excellence: Why Vercini Blazers are the Perfect Match for This Elite Venue.
  3. Italian Elegance at Marquee: Flaunt Your Vercini Blazer with Panache.
  4. Shine Bright at Hakkasan with Vercini’s Premium Turkish Craftsmanship.
  5. Setting the Tao Ablaze: Vercini Blazers and Vegas Nights.
  6. Drai’s Drama: Embody Upscale Elegance with Vercini Italian Styles.
  7. A Night at Chateau Wearing Vercini: Where Elegance Meets Excellence.
  8. The Jewel of Vegas Fashion: Vercini’s Elegant Blazers.
  9. Redefining Nightlife at Light with Vercini’s Upscale Italian Blazers.
  10. Dancing Under EBC Nightswim Stars: Vercini’s Starlit Elegance.
  11. Elevate Your On The Record Experience with Vercini’s Premium Elegance.
  12. From Turkey to 1OAK: How Vercini Blazers Became the Talk of Vegas.
  13. Vegas Nights, Italian Lights: Shine at Intrigue with Vercini Blazers.
  14. Walk into Foundation Room with the Distinct Elegance of Vercini.
  15. The Sensation at Hyde Bellagio: Vercini’s Impeccable Italian Style.
  16. A Toast to Elegance at The Bank: Raising the Bar with Vercini Blazers.
  17. Spectacular Apex Social Club Nights in a Vercini Masterpiece.
  18. Glam Up Your Parasol Down Evenings with Vercini’s Italian Flair.
  19. From Istanbul to Lavo: The Global Appeal of Vercini Blazers.
  20. Steal the Show at VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub in a Classy Vercini.
  21. Turn Heads at Clique with Vercini’s Premium Turkish Designs.
  22. Elegance in Every Stitch: Make a Statement at Rehab with Vercini.
  23. Mingle in Style at Bare Pool Lounge in Your Vercini Showstopper.
  24. Redefining Italian Elegance at Vanderpump with Vercini Blazers.
  25. Celebrate the Night at Revolver Clad in Vercini’s Finest.
  26. Dress to Impress at LAX with Vercini’s Upscale Blazers.
  27. When in Vegas, Dress as the Italians Do: Vercini at Ghostbar.
  28. Bringing the Turkish Craftsmanship to The Spearmint Rhino with Vercini.
  29. Exuding Elegance at The Dorsey: Vercini’s Tribute to Italian Fashion.
  30. Paint the Town Red at Tryst with Vercini’s Italian Sensibilities.
  1. Vegas Elegance: Vercini Blazers for the Ultimate Gentleman’s Look.
  2. Step into the Spotlight: Vercini Blazers Perfect for The Strip.
  3. From Casino Floors to VIP Doors: Vercini Blazers that Command Attention.
  4. Sin City’s Best Dressed: Why Vercini Blazers are the Talk of the Town.
  5. Shine Under Neon Lights: The Top Vercini Blazers for Nightlife.
  6. High Rollers’ Choice: The Elite Vercini Blazer Collection.
  7. Vercini and Velvet Ropes: The Perfect Match for Vegas’s Exclusive Clubs.
  8. Roulette Ready: Vercini Blazers for Every Vegas Game Night.
  9. Golden Hour Glam: Vercini Blazers for Sunset Soirees in Vegas.
  10. Elevate Every Encore: How Vercini Blazers Steal the Show.
  11. Sin City’s Fashion Sin-Quencher: The Iconic Vercini Blazer Lineup.
  12. All Bets on Style: Vercini Blazers that Win Every Time.
  13. Desert Chic: Vercini Blazers that Redefine Vegas Fashion.
  14. From Pool Parties to Penthouse Events: Vercini Blazers for Every Vegas Occasion.
  15. Blazing Through Vegas: The Vercini Guide to Standout Style.
  16. Vercini VIP: Blazers Tailored for Las Vegas’s Elite.
  17. The Ultimate Accessory for Vegas Nights: The Vercini Blazer.
  18. Dice, Cards, and Vercini: Dressing Right for Vegas Casino Nights.
  19. Setting the Vegas Scene Ablaze with Vercini Blazers.
  20. Beyond the Marquee: How Vercini Blazers Shine in Vegas Limelight.
  21. The Mirage of Fashion: Dreamy Vercini Blazers for Vegas Adventures.
  22. Bellagio Elegance, Vercini Style: Blazers that Resonate Luxury.
  23. The Perfect Fit for Sin City: Vercini’s Timeless Blazers.
  24. When the Sun Sets, Vercini Rises: Evening Blazers for Vegas Nights.
  25. The Rat Pack Revival: Vercini Blazers for the Vintage Vegas Lover.
  26. Walking the Red Carpet: Vercini Blazers for Vegas Premieres and Events.
  27. Showstopper Styles: Vercini Blazers for Vegas’s Grand Stages.
  28. Vegas Visionaries: The Future of Fashion with Vercini Blazers.
  29. Cocktails, Chandeliers, and Vercini: Blazers for the Classic Vegas Gentleman.
  30. Shimmer, Shine, and Sharp Lines: The Vercini Blazer Experience in Vegas.
  1. Vegas Vibes: Top Men’s Shoe Trends for a Night on The Strip.
  2. Elevate Your Casino Look: Best Dress Shoes for the Vegas Gentleman.
  3. Sin City Strolls: Casual Footwear for the Daytime Vegas Explorer.
  4. From Roulette to Rooftop Lounges: Versatile Men’s Shoes for Vegas.
  5. Luxe Loafers: The Ultimate Vegas Nightclub Footwear Guide.
  6. Sneakerheads Hit Vegas: The Best Sneakers for Club-Hopping.
  7. All-In on Style: The Go-to Men’s Footwear for Vegas Parties.
  8. Golden Hour to Neon Lights: Men’s Shoes Perfect for Vegas Transitions.
  9. Vegas VIPs: Designer Shoe Brands to Flaunt in Sin City.
  10. Up the Ante: Elevating Men’s Shoe Game for Vegas Evenings.
  11. Boot Up for Vegas: Men’s Boots that Shine on The Strip.
  12. Poolside to Penthouse: Shoes for Every Vegas Venue.
  13. Walking The Strip: Comfort Meets Class in Men’s Vegas Footwear.
  14. High Roller Heels: The Rise of Elevated Shoes for Men in Vegas.
  15. Step into the Spotlight: Shoes to Match Vegas’s Glitz and Glam.
  16. Nightclub Navigators: The Ultimate Men’s Shoes for Dancing the Night Away.
  17. Dress Codes Decoded: Men’s Footwear Guide for Vegas’s Elite Spots.
  18. Shoe Shine under Neon Lights: Footwear Care Tips for the Vegas Visitor.
  19. Laced Up for Luxe: Men’s Shoe Styles Perfect for Vegas’s Top Clubs.
  20. Desert Days to Neon Nights: The Best Shoes for Las Vegas’s Dual Appeal.
  21. Blackjack and Brogues: Matching Your Shoes to Vegas Casino Themes.
  22. Vegas Valor: Bold Shoe Choices for the Brave Hearted.
  23. The Sinatra Step: Classic Shoes for the Timeless Vegas Gent.
  24. The Rat Pack Returns: Vintage Shoe Styles for Vegas Revival.
  25. Dive into Decadence: Shoes to Wear for Vegas’s Biggest Events.
  26. Vegas Showstopper: Shoes that Deserve Their Own Stage.
  27. Beyond the Velvet Rope: Exclusive Footwear for Vegas’s VIP Sections.
  28. Strut the Vegas Scene: Men’s Footwear that Turns Heads.
  29. Ace the Look: Winning Shoe Combos for Vegas Evenings.
  30. The Vegas Walk of Fame: Iconic Men’s Shoe Styles for The Strip.
  1. Step Ahead: Top Men’s Shoe Trends for 2023.
  2. Walking the Talk: How to Choose the Perfect Business Shoe.
  3. From Loafers to Lace-ups: A Guide to Men’s Shoe Styles.
  4. Sneakerheads Unite: The Latest in Men’s Casual Footwear.
  5. Timeless Classics: Men’s Dress Shoes Every Wardrobe Needs.
  6. Walk in Comfort: Best Men’s Shoes for Everyday Wear.
  7. The Right Fit: Expert Tips on Finding Your Perfect Shoe Size.
  8. From Boardroom to Bar: Versatile Men’s Shoes for Every Occasion.
  9. Boot Camp: The Best Men’s Boots for Every Season.
  10. The Art of the Brogue: Decoding Men’s Shoe Designs.
  11. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Shoe Care Tips for Gents.
  12. Running with Style: Top Men’s Athletic Shoes Reviewed.
  13. Monk Straps: The Must-Have Shoe for the Modern Man.
  14. Elevate Your Style: How Shoes Make the Outfit.
  15. Men’s Guide to Summer Footwear: Beyond the Flip-flop.
  16. Suede vs. Leather: Which Shoe Should You Choose?
  17. The Power of the Right Shoe: Confidence from the Ground Up.
  18. Laced Up: A Dive into Men’s Shoe Fastenings.
  19. Footprints in History: Iconic Men’s Shoes Over the Decades.
  20. Exploring the World of Men’s Designer Footwear.
  21. A Gentleman’s Journey: The Evolution of Men’s Footwear.
  22. Men’s Shoe Essentials for a Weekend Getaway.
  23. Sneakers Elevated: When High Fashion Meets Casual Comfort.
  24. Moccasins, Espadrilles, and More: Men’s Casual Shoe Guide.
  25. Oxfords, Not Brogues: Deciphering Men’s Shoe Lingo.
  26. Rugged Style: Best Men’s Shoes for Outdoor Adventures.
  27. How to Pair Shoes with Different Trousers: A Visual Guide.
  28. The Science of Shoe Comfort: What Every Man Should Know.
  29. Spotlight on Sustainability: Eco-friendly Men’s Shoes.
  30. Making a Statement: Bold and Unique Men’s Shoe Designs.
  1. XS at Encore


    1. XS Style Essentials: How Men Can Conquer Encore’s Nightlife.
    2. Rock the Encore Scene: XS Men’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts.
    3. Own the XS Spotlight: Men’s Guide to Vegas Nightclub Flair.


    1. Glow at XS: Women’s Top Picks for an Encore Evening.
    2. Elegance Meets Energy: Women’s Dress Code Breakdown for XS.
    3. Party in Panache: Women’s Style Guide for a Night at XS.

    Omnia at Caesars Palace


    1. Rule the Roman Palace: Men’s Style Guide for Omnia Nights.
    2. Omnia’s Elite: The Must-have Men’s Outfits for Caesars’ Best Club.
    3. Dress Like Vegas Royalty: Men’s Essentials for Omnia.


    1. Shine Like a Caesar Star: Women’s Fashion Guide for Omnia.
    2. Omnia Glam: From Las Vegas Streets to Elite Club Beats.
    3. Lady of the Palace: Decoding Omnia’s Dress Code for Women.

    Marquee at The Cosmopolitan


    1. From Strip to Marquee: Men’s Styles that Sizzle at The Cosmopolitan.
    2. Cosmo Cool: Men’s Essential Looks for Marquee Madness.
    3. Dance the Night Away: Marquee’s Men’s Fashion Commandments.


    1. Starry Nights at Marquee: Women’s Go-to Styles for The Cosmopolitan.
    2. Dress for the Marquee Spotlight: Las Vegas Women’s Style Guide.
    3. Red Carpet Ready: Women’s Ultimate Fashion Choices for Marquee.
  1. XS at Encore
    • Known for: High-profile DJs, pool parties.
    • Dress code: Upscale casual. No hats, t-shirts, chains, excessive jewelry, athletic wear, shorts, baggy attire, sunglasses, sandals/flats, or tennis shoes.
  2. Omnia at Caesars Palace
    • Known for: Architectural marvel, top-tier DJs.
    • Dress code: Upscale fashionable attire. No hats, sandals, sneakers, hard-soled shoes and boots.
  3. Marquee at The Cosmopolitan
    • Known for: Multiple dance floors, pool area.
    • Dress code: Upscale attire. No athletic wear.
  4. Hakkasan at MGM Grand
    • Known for: Top DJs, vast dance floor.
    • Dress code: Upscale, fashionable attire.
  5. Tao at The Venetian
    • Known for: Asian-inspired ambiance, bathtubs with rose petals.
    • Dress code: Upscale, dressy attire.
  6. Drai’s at The Cromwell
    • Known for: Hip-hop artists, rooftop view.
    • Dress code: Fashionable nightclub wear.
  7. Light at Mandalay Bay
    • Known for: Fusion of music with acrobatics.
    • Dress code: Upscale fashionable.
  8. Chateau at Paris Las Vegas
    • Known for: Rooftop view of the Strip.
    • Dress code: Fashionable attire.
  9. Jewel at ARIA
    • Known for: Intimate setting, top DJs.
    • Dress code: Upscale fashionable.
  10. 1OAK at Mirage
    • Known for: Exclusive parties, celebrity sightings.
    • Dress code: Upscale chic.
  11. EBC At Night at Encore
    • Known for: Renowned DJs, poolside ambiance.
    • Dress code: Upscale club wear.
  12. On The Record at Park MGM
    • Known for: Vintage ambiance, speakeasy vibe.
    • Dress code: Upscale fashionable.
  13. Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay
    • Known for: Upscale lounge, breathtaking view.
    • Dress code: Upscale chic.
  14. Hyde at Bellagio
    • Known for: View of Bellagio fountains.
    • Dress code: Upscale, no athletic attire.
  15. Apex Social Club at Palms Casino Resort
    • Known for: Rooftop views, contemporary design.
    • Dress code: Upscale club attire.
  16. Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub at Rio
    • Known for: Dance club with a view, zipline attraction.
    • Dress code: Nightclub wear.
  17. Lavo at The Palazzo
    • Known for: Italian restaurant turned nightclub.
    • Dress code: Upscale casual.
  18. The Dorsey at The Venetian
    • Known for: Craft cocktails, chic ambiance.
    • Dress code: Smart casual.
  19. Intrigue at Wynn
    • Known for: High-energy dance floor, elite DJs.
    • Dress code: Upscale, no athletic wear.
  20. Commonwealth in Downtown Las Vegas
    • Known for: Rooftop views, speakeasy vibe.
    • Dress code: Fashionable attire, no sportswear.
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