How to Be a “God” in Your Business: Embodying Divine Leadership Principles


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In many religious and spiritual traditions, God is portrayed as a creator, guide, and observer, taking joy in watching the creation flourish. Drawing parallels between this divine role and business leadership can offer entrepreneurs profound insights into effective management. Let’s explore how one can embody “divine” leadership principles in the world of business.

1. Creation with a Clear Vision

God is often viewed as the creator of the universe, having a clear vision of what He wants to achieve. Similarly, as a business leader, it starts with creating your business based on a clear vision. This involves understanding your ‘why’, your company’s core values, and the long-term goals you aim to achieve.

2. Empowering Your “Creation”

Once God created the universe, He endowed it with the ability to evolve and grow. As a business leader, once you’ve set up your business, your next job is to empower your team. Provide them with the right tools, training, and resources. Allow them the autonomy to take decisions, innovate, and drive growth.

3. Observation and Delight in Growth

God doesn’t micromanage every aspect of our lives but rather watches us grow, evolve, and make choices. In your business, resist the urge to control every detail. Instead, take a step back and observe. Revel in the milestones achieved, the innovations birthed, and the challenges overcome.

4. Nurturing and Guiding

A creator’s role doesn’t end at creation. God provides guidance, and so should you. Regularly check in with your teams, offer mentorship, and be available to provide direction when needed. At the same time, trust their expertise and give them space to breathe and execute their roles.

5. Establishing a Culture of Trust

Trust is a cornerstone of any strong relationship, including the one between God and His creation. In your business, cultivate a culture where trust is paramount. This involves trusting your employees to do their jobs effectively and fostering an environment where they feel trusted and valued.

6. Continuous Evolution

The universe is in a state of constant evolution, and so should your business be. Always look for ways to innovate, adapt, and stay ahead of the curve. Embrace change, and view challenges as opportunities for growth.

7. Grace and Forgiveness

Mistakes happen, both in life and business. God is often portrayed as merciful and forgiving. As a leader, adopt a similar approach. Instead of fostering a culture of fear, create one of learning. When mistakes happen, instead of assigning blame, focus on understanding the root cause and ensuring it doesn’t repeat.

8. Serving Others

Many religious teachings emphasize service to others. As a “god” in your business, remember that leadership is as much about serving as it is about leading. This could mean serving your customers, your employees, or the larger community.


Embodying divine principles in business leadership is about blending creation with guidance, autonomy with accountability, and trust with mentorship. It’s a delicate balance, but when achieved, it can lead to a flourishing business, a motivated team, and a deeply satisfied leader. Be the guiding light in your enterprise, and watch it shine brightly in the business universe.

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